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Garden Log Cabins Delivery

Delivery Of Garden Log Cabins

You must return your Delivery Sheet in the envelope provided before we can deliver your log cabin. It contains some important information about finding your house, parking and access to the base which the delivery team will need in advance.


We usually deliver our garden log cabins using extra long wheel based vans. Depending on the size of the log cabin we may deliver in 2 vans. If you are having your log cabin constructed the vans will be at your house all day.


On the delivery date we will arrive with your log cabin. The parts are unloaded piece by piece by hand so we can double check them all.


If your log cabin is for self build we will put it in your storage place. You will need somewhere safe and dry to store the parts as it is not good for them to get wet or damp.


If we are building your log cabin we will start straight away.


4m x 4m Apex Front Garden Log Cabins With Veranda
4m x 4m Apex Front With Veranda

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