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Planning Permission

Planning Permission For Log Cabins

Log cabins usually fall under the category of permitted development but there are some rules:

  • The log cabin should not be in front of your house
  • It must not cover more than 50% of the land around your house
  • It should not contain living accomodation
  • If it is within 2m of a boundary it should not be above 2.5m high
  • Decking should not be more than 300mm high

There is more information about this on the Government’s Planning Portal Website.

Or you can download this pdf document – Planning Information.

If you do not meet these criteria you will need to speak to your local planning authority.

The rules will be different if you live in a listed building or in a National Park, AONB etc. so you will also need to speak to your local authority.

Your local authority may give you free advice or you may have to complete a Pre-Application Advice Form which costs around £100.00. There have only been a few cases where our customers have had to make a full planning application and none, to our knowledge, that have been refused.

Building Regulations

Most of the log cabins we make generally do not need to meet building regulations, but again there are some criteria:

  • If the floor area is less than 15m2  and there is no sleeping accomodation
  • If the floor area is 16m2 – 30m2, there is no sleeping accomodation and it is 1m from the boundary or made from substantially non-combustible materials.

If you are unsure you should contact your local planning authority about log cabins.


It is your responsibilty to make sure you have the necessary permissions and meet the necessary regulations.

4m x 4m Apex Front Log Cabins

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