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Sizes & Heights

Internal Dimensions

44mm Log Cabins (w x d)

External          Internal

3.1m x 3.1m     2812mm x 2812mm

3.1m x 4m       2812mm x 3712mm

3.1m x 5m       2812mm x 4712mm

4m x 3.1m       3712mm x 2812mm

4m x 4m         3712mm x 3712mm

4m x 5m         3712mm x 4712mm

5m x 3.1m       4712mm x 2812mm

5m x 4m         4712mm x 3712mm

5m x 5m         4712mm x 4712mm


70mm Log Cabins (w x d)

External          Internal

3.1m x 3.1m     2760mm x 2760mm

3.1m x 4m       2760mm x 3660mm

3.1m x 5m       2760mm x 4660mm

4m x 3.1m       3660mm x 2760mm

4m x 4m         3660mm x 3660mm

4m x 5m         3660mm x 4660mm

5m x 3.1m       4660mm x 2760mm

5m x 4m         4660mm x 3660mm

5m x 5m         4660mm x 4660mm


Standard Heights

There are a number of factors that affect the height of a log cabin for example the size, the roof style, the door height and positions, the roof covering and insulation.

Here are the heights of our standard Design Your Own Log Cabins.

They are external heights to the apex and include the tanalised bearers, wall logs, roofboards, roof covering and felt fillet.


Apex Full Front (w x d)

3.1m x 3.1m  2495mm

3.1m x 4m    2495mm

3.1m x 5m    2495mm

4m x 3.1m    2631mm

4m x 4m      2631mm

4m x 5m      2631mm

5m x 3.1m    2767mm

5m x 4m      2767mm

5m x 5m      2767mm


Apex Side (no insulation, w x d)

3.1m x 3.1m    2563mm

3.1m x 4m      2699mm

3.1m x 5m      2835mm

4m x 3.1m      2563mm

4m x 4m        2699mm

4m x 5m        2835mm

5m x 3.1m      2563mm

5m x 4m        2699mm

5m x 5m        2835mm


Apex Side (with insulation and larger sizes over 5m long, w x d)

3.1m x 3.1m  2699mm

3.1m x 4m    2835mm

3.1m x 5m    2971mm

4m x 3.1m    2699mm

4m x 4m      2835mm

4m x 5m      2971mm

5m x 3.1m    2699mm

5m x 4m      2835mm

5m x 5m      2971mm


Pent (w x d)

3.1m x 3.1m  2371.3mm

3.1m x 4m    2367.9mm

3.1m x 5m    2510.2mm

4m x 3.1m    2371.3mm

4m x 4m      2367.9mm

4m x 5m      2510.2mm

5m x 3.1m    2371.3mm

5m x 4m      2367.9mm

5m x 5m      2510.2mm


APent (w x d)

All sizes 2402mm


Log Cabins Under 2.5m

In some cases we can try to reduce the height of log cabins over 2.5m high by offering lower doors, lower pitched roofs, heat on felt instead of  etc. The options available and the heights that can be achieved depend on the size and style of the log cabin. In some cases it is not possible to reduce the height of the log cabin without compromising its design features and/or structural integrity.


All measurements are based on technical drawings and may vary slightly in real life.

If the measurements of the log cabin is important to your project please contact us for further information.

 Log Cabins With Extra High Pitched Roof

Customer Comments

Excellent quality and value for money. Its true what they say, you get what you pay for.

Mr & Mrs M, Cheshire

There was a clear drive for perfection throughout the process…Their customer service was better than anything we have experienced before.

Mr T, Derbyshire

I would recommend Astwood without hesitation.

Mrs CS, Yorkshire

Guys, I love my shed! Thank you all for giving it your energy and attention to detail. Very much appreciated.

Mrs B, South Yorkshire

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help during the design and build process. Nothing has been too much trouble for you guys and the level of service fantastic. The cabin is beautiful and surpassed my expectations.

Mr B, Warwickshire

Just to say thank you for working with me and being patient with all my design changes. My cabin is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I have spent every weekend I have been at home over the summer in it. Now the nights are drawing in, it’s even better. Many thanks for once again.

Mr B, Oxfordshire

Absolutely over the moon with our new log cabin

From planning through to building I observed a professional team of friendly, helpful and hardworking craftsmen and women working with top quality materials in a fast and efficient manner. Would highly recommend Astwood Log Cabins. This really is a cabin for life and the finished product look amazing.

Mr C, Cheshire


Thanks … for such an exciting two days. We are so pleased that … persuaded us to buy one of your cabins. We wish your business all the best … and looking at the quality of your product you can only go onwards and upwards…I admire the meticulous build quality (and that you made it yourselves in your workshop!).
Mr W, Cambridgshire
I would just like to say how pleased i am with the Log Cabin and that the carpenter who erected it, was well impressed with the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of all the timber.
I hope to enjoy many years sitting out in the sun
Mr H, Lincolnshire

Thankyou for my log cabin today your men worked hard and did a good job

Mr S, Lancashire

Your after sales service is the best!

Feel free to use us as a reference site as we have 2 now!

Mr V, West Midlands

They are a credit to the company. I am very pleased with my cabin. I will definitely be recommending the company to others.

Mr N, London

It was our pleasure really, you are a lovely team. We enjoyed watching the cabin go up and are delighted with it, although it is keeping us very busy!

Mr C, London

Just to tell you I am delighted with your product. I painted it on the 2 days following installation. It is a fine quality product of which you must be proud. Your little company deserves to succeed and flourish for your product is excellent.

Mr M, London

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the cabin. It has been worth the wait and we our both very pleased with it. Great finish.

Mr B, Shropshire